Artist: Nanokosmos feat. Maureen

Title: Easier to Die


Label: Bunte Liebe Records

Catalogue No: BLR0010

Release: 22.02.2019

Nanokosmos - Easier to Die


„Sometimes I don‘t know where, I know the reason why“, Maureen sings. But even if easier, there is no reason to die. Because in every low point in life there is always a reason (WHY) not to give up.

The track is composed of string instruments like Banjo and Nyatiti to transport warmth and is contradicted by synthetic nuances.


ID Mix: A change in pitch of the main bassline and a hard sidechain symbolize the thoughts, both negative and positive, shifting around the Nyatiti as a center. The imbalance reflects the doubts everyone might encounter in life.


Suat‘s Theme:

A passionate Xbox gamer, movie fan and soundtrack lover. No beats, but strings attached.


 01. Nanokosmos feat. Maureen - Easier to Die

02. Nanokosmos feat. Maureen - Easier to Die (ID Edit)

03. Nanokosmos  - Suat's Theme 

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