Artist: Elvis Sabani
Title: Sequence (Remix EP)
Remixer: Apart (Ger), ELEMENT3, Flatfoot Jones, Jan Riepshoff 
Label: Bunte Liebe Records
Catalogue No: BLR0013
Release: 30 Aug 2019

Elvis Sabani - Sequence 

With “Sequence”, Elvis aims at establishing a special and deep kind of connection to the audience. An almost monotone introduction omitting a typical bass line but filled with playful percussions leads to a relieving drop full of energy and substance. “Fantasy of human beings is so admirable and unique. This track enhances my fantasy and takes it to the next level.” Elvis says about “Sequence”.


01.  Elvis Sabani - Sequence (Original)
02. Elvis Sabani - Sequence (Apart (Ger) Remix) 
03. Elvis Sabani - Sequence (ELEMENT3 Remix) 
04. Elvis Sabani - Sequence (Flatfoot Jones Remix) 
05. Elvis Sabani - Sequence (Jan Riepshoff Remix)

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