Artist: Jan Riepshoff 
Title: Grosse Freiheit 10 EP 
Remixer: /
Label: Bunte Liebe Records

Catalogue No: BLR0017
Release: 24.04.2020

Jan Riepshoff - Grosse Freiheit 10 EP 

Just like his musical personality, Jan’s debut EP is far from homogeneous. As the first track “Things Will Eventually Change” announces by its title, track number 3, a rather uncommon piece of music by his standards, is the turning point in a journey from minimal melodic contents and stomping beats to deeper, almost trancy synth lines. The title track “Große Freiheit 10” is a reference to his early personal electronic music influences.

Cover Art by Henry Chinaski

01.   Jan Riepshoff  - Things Will Eventually Change
02.  Jan Riepshoff  - Highway to Smell
03.  Jan Riepshoff  - Semuelannox
04.  Jan Riepshoff  - Carbonide 
05.  Jan Riepshoff  - Grosse Freiheit 10 

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